Tired of Boring Side Tables? Get One in Color!

Choosing a side table in color was actually not my first choice. Oddly enough, it was never my first choice in any of my designs on Olioboard. Side tables are very rarely the star of the show. I prefer to let the colors shine through on walls (even if it’s gray or black), arts, pillows, couches, chairs, rugs, accessories, and lighting (such as lamps, etc.) Side tables are an important part of the living room, but they’re so versatile that I don’t think they would make or break a room per se.

As you can see, I fell in love with the shape of this side table. It was exactly what I’d been looking for. My biggest hesitation was that it was red rather than the typical black, white or some wood color. GDC Home was having a sale and this side table was half off. I couldn’t resist. Plus, once I got tired of red, I could take it upon myself to learn how to re-paint it a different color. Right now, I’m loving this unexpected pop of color.

Scale and design are still an important aspect to consider. If you have a nice deep, long couch, you wouldn’t want to put a Moroccan-carved side table next to it. Depending on the arm height, a typical Moroccan side table might be too short. I like the side tables to be visually at least half of the depth of the couch or bigger. A Moroccan side table may not be wide enough to accommodate the reach of a deep couch. It’s basically the same idea with color. You wouldn’t want to put a hot pink or a lime green side table when you’re trying to go for a calming monochromatic look. Take a look at these colorful options:

If you’re itching to add a little color to your space after seeing these pictures, I’ve sourced a few good looking side tables for you:

Not only are these across a wide spectrum of colors, but also in price from places like Target on up to vendors like Bungalow 5. There’s something for everyone if you look hard enough. Of course, there’s always a good old DIY project out there if you find a piece with good bones. Do you have any colorful side tables?


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