22 Fun and Unique Outdoor Side Tables



Via La Cool and Chic

You know what the best part about summer is? The sun staying out longer with us.

It makes me feel happier and more productive to have these long days, like I have more hours in a day. One of these productive moments is getting our outdoor space together. We’ve been getting in the mood to host a few parties soon, but even the best abled-body needs somewhere to sit. At least in the patio area to start because when the sun starts going down, those killer mosquitos starts coming out for a meal or ten, sending us running for the screened in porch.

We have a couple of chairs and a side table from World Market, who no longer carries them, though the side table is very much like side table #2 below, just in a different mosaic style -it’s a parrot! As you can imagine, parrots are colorful, so my side table is colorful and it pairs well with my yellow chairs. As these are pretty comfortable chairs, they stay in the screened in porch.

The sellers left us a couple of outdoor chairs and a matching side table that was probably meant to be under a shelter as the surface is a little wavy, but we’re not about to complain about a few nice looking outdoor furniture. However, that’s still not quite enough furniture for the amount of space we have. We have a few things selected, but the side table is last on the list. Here’s what I rounded up:

Under $200


1-Spot Alloy Side Table// 2-Peacoat Blue Cadiz Side Table// 3-Two Tiered Side Table// 4-Peacoat Blue Punched Soleil Side Table// 5-Sines Side Table// 6-Palmetto Wicker Side Table in Honey// 7-Talon Side Table// 8-Bombay Kauai Pineapple Accent Table// 9-Paxson Gray Mosaic End Table// 10-Remington Side Table// 11-Outdoor Accent Table

Under $500


12-Tangier Tile Side Table// 13-Tree Stump Accent Table// 14-Bongo Tall Side Table// 15-Naples Outdoor End Table in Fossill// 16-Artemis Faux-Bois Side Table

Under $1,000


17-Farzin Stool in Orange// 18-Bottle Outdoor Side Table in Aqua Marine// 19-Time Outdoor Side Table in Black// 20-Larnaca Outdoor Side Table// 21-Bourdeaux Outdoor Stone End Table// 22-Crespi Wave End Table

Did you see any that you liked? I told Jon that we wouldn’t do a side table that costs more than $200 but I’m loving #12, which is over $200. Why am I always in dilemmas like this?


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