Favorite Finds: One Room Challenge

I love following up on the One Room Challenge(aka ORC). It’s a great way to see what all goes into designing a room and to get different perspectives on how people handle this process. It’s also amazing to me to see how people’s vision comes together, particularly when I have trouble seeing some of their visions when they bring up design inspirations, but luckily, almost all of them turn out great!

In case you don’t know about ORC, this was orchestrated by Linda at Calling It Home, to gather 20 designer and participants to design one room in 6 weeks. When you’re doing an entire makeover, that’s a pretty tight deadline.

Anyway, I wanted to share my top favorites.


The English Room / One Room Challenge Fall 2015

The English Room / One Room Challenge Fall 2015

Holly Hollingsworth Phillip at The English Room is one of my favorite designers and she never fails to amaze me with her designs. I remember she announced she was hiring on her blog once and I was sorely disappointed that I was not able to take the opportunity to work there-if only I was qualified!

But, back to the room. Normally, I am not a fan of white walls, but she has so much drama going on here that I almost didn’t even notice it. The malachite curtain with that purple couch and sheepskin ottoman is just absolutely perfect! I’ve pinned it under Dream Home Ideas. You just have to click here to get the rest of the tour!


Hi Sugarplum | ORC Living Room

Cassie Freeman at Hi Sugarplum! designed my second favorite room here. Again, I very nearly didn’t even notice the white walls for all the fun drama going on here. That artwork totally ties in the room and I love the yellow curtains with the navy shelves. Be sure to click here for the rest of the tour.



I love how soft these colors are. This room is very feminine and chic without being too overwhelming and it’s a nice, relaxing room that I would look forward to coming home to. I particularly love the pillow combinations. Click here for the rest of the tour.


Vanessa Francis Design

Yes, I know this one definitely has white walls, but it’s so good. I love the texture and the glamorous touches here and I appreciate it all the more because I saw the before pictures. The room previously had no molding and this is a perfect example of what a difference it makes to add some kind of architectural feature to a room Click here to see what I mean.


This is a super happy space. I’m smiling right now just looking at the picture. And that dragon artwork from The Pink Pagoda is just awesome. I love that none of the patterns here are clashing but rather playing off each other well. Get the rest of the tour of this cheerful space here.


modern neutral eclectic living room - Design Manifest- One Room Challenge

This woman here is amazing. Naomi did not do just one room- she did an entire condo in just six weeks! I love the entire space from the grass paper cloth in the entry way to the art gallery above the couch to the statement lighting in the dining room. Everything just flows wonderfully. If I had been competing against her and only did one room, Naomi would put me to shame. She’s putting this condo up on Airbnb, so check out the rest of the place here.


I love that this is a rather fresh change in that this room is a traditional english countryside space. I know the picture above is not the best example out of the whole lot to show you what Kimberly did, but this is actually my favorite spot. I just might be biased because I love horses and have been pondering upon starting an art collection like this one. Check out the cozy room here.


This is a fun, relaxing twist on a tropical bathroom. The palm tree wallpaper and the hexagon mirror totally makes the bathroom for me. I think this is the perfect guest bathroom. It would even look great in a hotel. Get the tour here.

What did you think of my favorite spaces? Do you follow ORC? Let me know what your favorite is.


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