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10 Things I Loved in July

Welcome back! If you’re viewing this on the regular website, no you’re not in the wrong place. It was long overdue for a more mature look. The only thing that’s missing are palm leaves, but as is a free website, I’ll take it as it is. There are going to be some changes in the near future, but that’s for another time.


Top Ten: January Finds, Part Two

We are officially homeowners! A few people have jokingly said welcome to the world of debts! I mean, gee, thanks, that’s one way to look at it. Personally, I’m looking at it as a way to really make it our own. I’ll be posting soon on how the progress of our house is moving along. In case you missed it, last week was about narrowing down color selections for basically the entire house- there was no color flow except for beige walls and beige walls were not staying! Our contractor started yesterday on the popcorn ceiling. That came off so easy, it got done in one day as oppose to three. So exciting!

As promised, here’s Part Two of the monthly finds:


Top Ten: March Finds

Here’s my monthly round-ups of loves. Don’t think I’ll ever run out of stuff that I love.

1)I love EVERYTHING in this apartment! Plus I’m totally on a palm leaves kick/obsession right now. This just might be a future home inspiration for me, but can I just move into this one?


Top Ten: February Finds

We are still finishing up on some final details before our big trip. I hate getting shots. I can’t look while they’re administering it. Jon had to hold my hand when the doctor gave me the second shot. While there’s nothing required to get into Costa Rica, they do recommend being up to date on Hepatitis A and Typhoid. We got that squared away, as well as Malaria and Tetanus. Typhoid and Malaria ended up being pills. Typhoid is good for 5 years via pills as oppose to 2 years via shots-so, obviously pills it is. Anyway, let’s move on to happier things that I’ve discovered.