Favorite Garden Spaces

Getting outside is good for the soul. So is a beautiful scene. It does something that lifts it, makes it feel happy and inspired. Something that we could all use a little more of in our regular day to day routine.



How I Sanded Down and Refinished My Side Table

It only took me forever and a deadline to re-finish the top of this side table.

I forget how it all started, but it did start with a trip to Habitat for Humanity one Saturday morning. Sometimes- just sometimes- my family likes my opinion on decorating related topics. They also know I dig these types of thing, so they will occasionally invite me along. So this time, it was my middle sister. She was looking for a small dining room table.


10 Things I Loved in July

Welcome back! If you’re viewing this on the regular website, no you’re not in the wrong place. It was long overdue for a more mature look. The only thing that’s missing are palm leaves, but as wordpress.com is a free website, I’ll take it as it is. There are going to be some changes in the near future, but that’s for another time.


A South African Home Decorated in Fabulous Neutrals

I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon this stunning South African home. Designed by Sue Bond, this home is a master lesson in neutrals done right. She would be a great candidate to give that particular lesson or to even write a book.

Let’s start with that stunning view in the photo above. Can you imagine how amazing 360 degrees of that is? I’d be right at home with mountains in my view, however the article by Conde Nast mentions the Atlantic Ocean. That would be cool, too.


36 Collectively Awesome and Cool Flower Pots

Every gardener needs a few flower pots- a few for inside the house and a few for outside.

A good flower pot sets the mood the way a good pillow does. It helps to fine tune your atmosphere, whether you’re going for a clean look in a japanese garden or something a little more elaborate for a french or an english garden.